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You Like (Our Values!) You Really Like Our Values

The sun is setting in 2019. And while we’re excited to see what 2020 has in store for us (picture new clients, fresh faces, and processes that work for YOU), we decided to take a look back at the best of 2019 on the Red Branch blog. Enjoy!

5 Best Rage Quit Stories and What We Can Learn From Them

Ever wanted to just walk away? Here are five folks who did just that. While rage-quitting isn’t for everyone (although it does make for a great blog post) you can learn something from each one of these epic takedowns. 

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‘Curious’ How We Define Our Company Value?

Values are kind of a big deal at Red Branch Media. We hire by them, measure performance by them and live by them, heck we even have t-shirts made with them emblazoned on the front. Curiosity is by far one of our most popular values and everyone here at the Branch has a different take.

7 Ways to Transform Your Productivity at Work

Productivity is one of the coolest metrics out there to ensure your team is working at its highest efficiency. But how do you continue to increase productivity while ensuring your team isn’t burning out? Here are 7 ideas to transform your productivity at work. 

5 Brilliant Life Lessons Harry Potter Teaches Us About the Modern Workplace

How to defeat Voldemort, how to get along with difficult teachers, how to be invisible…oh wait maybe not that last one. Here are the brilliant lessons we learned from Ron, Harry, and Hermione!

At Last, Our Secret to Grit Is Revealed

Grit. The ability to keep getting back up after you’re knocked down is something not too many people inherently have. BUT it can be taught. Here’s how the Branchers focus on Grit and why it’s one of our values. 

3 Speedy Ways to Get Your New Hire Acclimated to Your Company’s Culture

Being the new guy or lady is no easy task at any company. It’s especially true when there is a strong culture. Here are easy and fast ways to make your new hire feel welcome no matter what your culture is! 

Overcoming Microaggressions & the Bystander Effect in the Workplace

Microaggressions in the workplace have been a huge topic this year. There’s still more for us all to learn. Are you sending subtle signals or being a bystander while this happens in your workplace? Here’s how to overcome these phenomena and why it’s so important. 

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5 Sublime Ideas to Not Hate Mondays

Mondays amirite? The most dreaded of all the days since before there were labor laws and we all had to work all the time. However, even if you don’t love every part of your job, you CAN make Monday a day to look forward to, rather than dread.

The Power of Personality-Based Marketing Tactics

Marketing is narrowing further and further with additional analytics. Personas, account-based marketing and now personality-based marketing. Learn how this type of marketing focus can breathe new life into your campaigns. 

Why Data Matters When It Comes to Reducing Time to Hire

Award-winning blog piece over here! Obviously, data matters when it comes to reducing time to hire but precisely WHY? Here’s your answer.