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#6Things: Forget Code, GrubHub Snub, AI is Learning

Well, it’s been a little while since we wrote a #6things for you and I have a LOTTA links for you today. Let’s get started:

Teach your kids to code. Or not.

This TechCrunch column argues that the barriers to coding are decreasing rapidly and pretty soon coding itself will be an obsolete skill. I am not so sure. But this quote sums up how we’ve changed our development process here at Red Branch Media and so I am not quite convinced that I’m right in thinking this Carson fellow is wrong. You follow?

Teams have moved from the archaic process of creating static designs in Photoshop to embracing a much more expansive toolset — ranging from collaborative design tools (like Sketch, Figma), dead-simple prototyping platforms (like InVision, Marvel), user testing services (like UserTesting.com, Validately and Lookback) and designer-developer collaboration tools (like Zeplin).

What do you think? Is design the future and dev turning around? Or are the two converging? (TechCrunch)

Your Recruitment Process Blows Chunks

Aki Kakko is having a Jerry Maguire moment in that he’s telling the recruitment industry they’re headed the wrong direction and he wants to help us fix it. Instead of small, incremental changes, he’s hoping to inspire us to transform our recruiting process by auditing the process, building a plan based on the latest technology and then assigning accountability. Best tip? Focus on the discovery phase of the candidate (it’s longer now). (Candarine)

Google’s AI is officially smarter than me.

I took Spanish for four years. My mother and grandma are Mexican, my grandma is fluent in Spanish. I should KNOW SPANISH. I don’t. Google’s AI, though, has totally figured it out, and lots more languages to boot. How? It’s teaching itself!

If the computer is able to make connections between concepts and words that have not been formally linked… does that mean that the computer has formed a concept of shared meaning for those words, meaning at a deeper level than simply that one word or phrase is the equivalent of another?

WUT? (TechCrunch)

Make a Better Infographic

There are lots of places to go to figure out what the companies that make up the HR Tech or Talent Acquisition ecosystem looks like. CB Insights (a great source of information in general) recently put out a detailed infographic that mentions over 125 companies reinventing HR. But it comes with this caveat: This market map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space.


But we really like (and of course we’re a touch biased) the ecosystem that is constantly being added to and improved upon that Talent Tech Labs is building (the caveat being it doesn’t address all of HR). (TTL)

Trying to advertise on social media.

Terrible picture. Truth tho. (Chris Wessell on FB)


GrubHub Snub

Politics are a pain in the butt and lately, they’ve been a downright bummer. No one knows that better than GrubHub CEO, who while attempting to make marginalized workers feel better, got himself into a pickle.

GrubHub Inc. is feeling the glare of the crisis spotlight after its chief executive, Matt Maloney, told employees in an email that if they backed the “nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics of Donald Trump” they should “reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.”

Mr. Maloney issued a statement after sending the email, saying his comments were misconstrued and weren’t meant to be seen as asking Trump supporters to leave the company. “The message of the email is that we do not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace, and that we will stand up for our employees,” Mr. Maloney said in a note posted on the company’s website.

Using only the statements of Mr. Maloney, the experts break down how well the company managed its communications, where it fell short, where it did well and what it should do next.

On the WSJ blog, experts in communications and PR (as well as HR) say what he did right, wrong and how to handle strong political feelings during a time of division, especially when you’re the boss. Bonus points, which expert quoted in the article is married to prominent EB expert and Exaqueo CEO? (WSJ)


H1Bs Under Attack (ComputerWorld)

HRTech Discovery Tool CompareMatch Debuts (ERE)

Quote: “Wage Growth is low…isn’t that a sign of talent surplus?” – @johnsumser

The Jobs of the Future will be what Robots CAN’T Do (The Big Think)

Visualize the Fortune 500 (Fortune)