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The Biggest Challenges Faced in Web Development

By Guest Contributor, Zoe Price:

Web developers are faced with different sorts of problems every day in their line of work. Web development can be complicated, and each website is different. With the increasing number of different browsers available today, developers must ensure that the website that they develop is suitable to work on all of them. In this article, we are going to look at some of the biggest challenges faced in web development so keep reading if you’d like to know more.

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What Do Web Developers Do?

A web developer is the person responsible for creating a website that functions well on various different platforms. They will create the site and test it thoroughly to ensure that there are no serious faults with how it runs. Web developers must have extensive knowledge of web security and programming languages like C++ or JavaScript.

Web Development is an industry that is tapped into worldwide. There are options for web developers in cities across the globe such as London and Vancouver. If you are considering learning how to develop a website for yourself or a business, take a look at the web development courses Vancouver has to offer or even another city of your choosing.

Different Platforms and Browsers

One of the biggest challenges that web developers face is the growing number of platforms that websites are expected to work on. This includes things like desktop computers, mobile phones and even watches or other smart devices. Web developers need to do specific testing to ensure that their site performs well on these devices as well as on the browsers that will be accessing them.

For most browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, this is not too difficult, however, Internet Explorer presents some challenges for developers. Internet Explorer requires a lot more attention in web development due to the quirks and issues that it presents the developer with. Some features that work on other browsers might not work on IE initially, so developers need to spend a little more time on developing this.

User Experience

Another challenge that web developers face is trying to create the perfect user experience for anyone visiting the app or site. User experience is very important and with the oversaturation of the market, users know what they like and what they don’t, so they will choose a different website doesn’t suit them.

Web developers must ensure that what they have developed is easy to use while trying to make use of special features to make it stand out. Developing a site with a lot of complicated features is going to scare both users and other developers off, reducing the chance of integration.


The increase in security threats has meant that web developers need to spend more time working on the security elements of their projects. It is not uncommon for sites or apps to be vulnerable to security threats and so it is important that security is tested often. This challenge to web developers means that they must update their OS and patch their frameworks more often than they would have before.

Security is very important in ensuring that a project is kept safe and so this is something which should be tackled before it gets out of hand. It is important that web development security is not ignored or forgotten about.


Having a website that loads in just one second before losing the attention of the user is one of the biggest challenges that is faced in web app development today. Web developers have to try their hardest to create a website that can load at an extremely high speed without having to sacrifice the special features that they need to include.

Speed is incredibly important because many users actually give up on websites after having to wait less than five seconds for it to load. This lack of patience has caused massive problems for web app developers and so speed is something which needs to be carefully considered.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, it is important to remember that although there are challenges in web development, it is worth putting in the effort in the end. If you are planning on getting into web app development, don’t let the challenges scare you off. Web development courses Vancouver based can help you learn all that you need to know about developing and getting stuck in with a project. Having a project that continues to work on many different platforms and is safe from most security threats is incredibly satisfying in the end.

If you are already in web development, you’ll know all about these challenges and we are sure that you have found ways to work around them. As time goes on, there are likely to be more challenges that appear with the development of new technology and platforms for sites or apps to run on. Keep working on each challenge as it comes and soon you’ll have a site that works as best as it can!