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Design 101: Essential Freebies for the Modern Day Graphic Designer [BONUS: Free RBM Icon Pack]

As a graphic designer, we’re saturated with things we can purchase. Maybe it’s the super cool add-on you bought and can’t wait to try out, or possibly it’s purchasing the one-of-a-kind font you happened to stumble upon you just had to have… the things we can buy can empty our wallets fast. That’s exactly why I wanted to compile a list of the best of the best free downloads I’ve ever found. This way, you can not only save your money but also have some great assets to utilize for future projects.


“Mockups are a wonderful way to bring your designs to life. Not only can they help you imagine how your work will look on a screen, but they’ll also look super professional when you’re pitching your ideas.”  Morgan Ryan of Flywheel on The Layout (@SoMorganAshley)


Free Device Mockups for All


It’s always good to have a great library of resources at your fingertips. What’s more is to keep that library constantly stocked with more than enough resources to choose from. This will ensure you’re never unprepared and well suited for any job that comes your way. One of the most integral assets you’ll use is the classic device mockup. Device mockups take boring 2D screenshots and turn them into engaging visual graphics. If you don’t have a good stash of device mockups, you won’t be able to effectively display your content as well as it could potentially be. Here’s a great list of free device mockups that you can use (just make sure you’re using “commercial use” files and the correct attributions):


Kickin’ it Old School with Free Print Mockups


Another key essential in any graphic designer’s tool belt is the ever-useful print mockup. Print mockups are great for displaying your print work either before printing, or after. The applications are endless, as print mockups ensure premium quality exports to display your work virtually anywhere on the web. From placing your print mockups in blog call-to-action buttons, to online ads or displaying on your website, these mockups are vital to have on-hand. Here are some great print mockups to get you started (again, make sure you’re using “commercial use” files and the correct attributions):

Feeling adventurous? Learn how to build your own eBook mockup in a few easy steps.


Stock Up on Icons, for Free


Icons are amazing. Without words, they can define a brand (we call the icons in logos a “logomark”), convey emotions and messages, and provide direction. They have so much meaning and impact, because they can do so much with providing so little. When you become a graphic designer, you’ll probably notice that icons are now as infinite as the stars. Billions exist. So where do you start? Well, here are some of my favorite icon packs below (I keep stressing this, but please make sure you’re using “commercial use” files and the correct attributions — it’s better to be safe than sorry):

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The projects and jobs you’ll do in graphic design are sometimes unpredictable. It’s best to be prepared, and if you’re short on cash, these freebies are sure to do the trick! Remember to use device mockups to better display screenshots and products, print mockups to display branding, and any print work and utilizing iconography as much (and as necessary) as possible in your work. Loved this article? Share it with your friends. Freebies are great, and great freebies are hard to find — save them the headache!