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The Fascinating Truth Behind Employee Performance Management [Video]

Employee performance management is one of those HR practices that everyone can agree holds great weight in the workplace. When performed correctly, employees and their leaders form profitable relationships and productive processes. However, 53% of employers admit they don’t actively track improved employee performance. Not to mention, there are numerous anecdotes from employee and manager alike, admitting to performance reviews being conducted from memory. Not organized and accurate performance records.

Even more unsettling, 90% of HR professionals question the accuracy of their organization’s performance management processes while 95% of managers are unsatisfied with their systems altogether.

It is definitely difficult to create a process that works for everyone from employee to CEO. That complication and the overwhelming number of tools and technology can leave any employer’s head spinning. Fortunately, the right approach to employee performance management can pay an organization back in more ways than one. Our partner, iRevü, has rounded up 7 benefits of nailing performance management. Watch their video below and consider just how well your organization is doing at managing employee performance.

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