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#RedBranchWeekly: Performance Management Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Performance management is a key aspect in the workplace and affects everyone’s daily work. As a manager, it’s important to review current performance management processes and always strive to make them better. This edition of Red Branch Weekly gives you the tips you need to put your performance process into gear. ClearCompany starts off by giving some insight on what employees want out of performance management. Then, Reviewsnap gives a helpful history lesson on performance management.

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Performance ManagementClearCompany: Why a Growing Number of Employees Are Not Impressed with How Performance is Managed

No matter which seat you’re sitting in, managing the performance of the organization will affect your daily work. Hitting productivity goals is reliant on the work done every minute of every shift, yet too many companies use annual performance reviews as the basis of our management programs. Unfortunately, even that statement is a simplification of a very complicated problem. Read more…


Performance ManagementReviewsnap: The Ghosts of Performance Management Past

The phrase “living in the past” has gathered a negative connotation, equating to the inability to adapt to changing times, habits, and technologies. This sentiment isn’t lost on performance management programs, where only 8% of companies think their appraisal process provides value to the organization and/or employee. Luckily, the HR professionals and people managers of the world aren’t as miserable as dear, old Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. Read more…


Performance ManagementiRevü: 5 Things to Consider Before Raise Requests

Salary increases are expected to remain stable at 3.0% again in 2017. Is your company set to give raises this year? If the ‘big talk’ is coming up where you will be addressing employee compensation, first do these 5 things to ensure nothing falls by the wayside…



Performance ManagementCyberGrants: Localizing Corporate Philanthropy Efforts on a Global Scale

Creating a corporate social responsibility program is something today’s businesses take very seriously. Blame it on the uprising of technology and social media or even the increase of Millennials in the workplace. Today’s employees and candidates are watching the actions of organizations, expecting to see some stance on issues and challenges facing the community in which they conduct business. Read more…