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#RedBranchWeekly: Gettin’ Techy With Intelligent Recruitment

By Marissa Litty:

Did you know machine learning is expected to be a $47 billion industry by 2020? That’s easily explained by Deloitte Global’s prediction that the amount of machine learning pilots and programs will double this year compared to last. And they expect it to double again by 2020. So of course, HR and recruitment tools and tech are emerging. If you’re interested in hearing more tidbits like these, our partners at XOR, IQTalent Partners and Oleeo have you covered. Get techy with these amazing resources!

The HR and recruiting industry knows how to get techy with it! See what we mean in this #RedBranchWeekly: Share on X

XOR: 6 Compelling Insights on AI and Recruiting

professionals laptopWhat can AI do for recruiting teams? The short answer: a lot. First, most tools focus on automating those administrative duties that slow down recruiters and hiring managers. Some tools take automation even further, offering solutions like chatbots that answer candidate FAQs even outside of business hours. Watch this quick video to learn even more about AI recruitment tools and facts.

How can #AI help recruiters and hiring managers? Watch this video from @xor_ai in #RedBranchWeekly for more insight: Share on X

IQTalent: How AI Complements (Not Replaces) Sourcers

professionals laptop desk modern officeMany professionals fear the use of AI and machine learning believing it will take their jobs. Fortunately, today’s AI is both incapable of truly understanding the complexities of humans and too primitive to completely eliminate the role of recruiters and hiring professionals. Instead, AI and machine learning tools lift some of the burden caused by repetitive tasks and allow talent acquisition teams to do what they do best: hire humans. Read more about it in this post!

AI complements the work of #hiring managers. @IQTalent discusses how in this#RedBranchWeekly: Share on X

Oleeo: Using Intelligent Automation for Candidate Engagement and Selection

man on cell phone in officeBy now, you’ve probably noticed a pattern when it comes to talent acquisition AI. AI in recruiting revolves around automation. Maren has this rule at Red Branch: If you do it more than once, automate or build a template. It’s a great rule because less admin = more hard-hitting deliverables. Unfortunately, understanding the fit of a candidate before they’re hired is one of the most difficult tasks of a hiring team. And how can intelligent tech do that? Well, Oleeo explains in this quick read. And yes, it is possible.

Wouldn't it be great if we knew a candidate would be a great hire before they were hired? @Oleeo_ explains how intelligent #automation does that and helps #CandidateExperience: Share on X

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