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10 Hacks to Beat the Workday Slump

By Guest Author, Dr. Elin Östman:

Do you often feel tired during your workday? Ever found yourself trying to hide an embarrassing yawn during the after-lunch conference? Well, you are not alone! In fact, most people find it hard to stay energized throughout their workday, and there are several causes to that workday slump. Too little sleep, stress and a blood sugar roller coaster caused by unhealthy food and drinks are some examples.

Dr. Elin Östman, a seasoned food & nutrition researcher and the chief scientist of the Swedish company behind Good Idea – a naturally flavored sparkling water with a formula balancing the blood sugar after a meal – gives her ten best tips to beat the slump and stay energized all day. And it starts already the day before.

Get enough sleep

The best start to a workday is a good night’s sleep. Make sure to get the (eight?) hours you need, and wake up well rested and energized for the workday.

Have a healthy breakfast

Skip the on-the-run coffee and sweet stuff. Get yourself a real breakfast instead. Unsweetened yogurt and cereals, fresh fruit and whole grain bread will give you a perfect start and last all the way to lunch break. And why not try some oatmeal porridge?

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Breathe some fresh air

Do you have time for a quick walk outside before work? Fresh air and a little birdsong can do wonders for your mood and energy.

Eat a better lunch

Avoid the fast carbs like pizzas, fries and white bread that make your blood sugar spike and then drop like a stone. Go for the fiber-rich, veggies, beans and pasta instead. Alcohol and sugary drinks will give you a false, and short-lived energy, and are a bad start to the afternoon work.

Take micro-breaks

Stand up, stretch your body and look away from your work for a while. Try to inspire your colleagues – it’s much more fun to do it as a group. If possible – get some more fresh air and a quick walk outside. In some countries, a short afternoon nap is considered to enhance productivity – but you will have to talk to your employer about that.

Don’t sit in the dark

A dim light will make you drowsy. Make sure your workplace has enough light to keep you fresh. If not – can you move closer to a window or have your employer get you a better lamp?

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Plan your day

Let’s face it – we all have ups and downs during a workday, and if you regularly find yourself yawning in specific situations or at specific times of the day, maybe it´s time to do something about it. What about rescheduling those slow meetings just after lunch and do something that keeps you on your toes instead?

Withstand the cravings

When energy is low, the body screams for sugar, and it easily becomes a bad habit. Giving in to those sweet treats will cause an instant rush of energy, followed by the opposite shortly after….and then it´s all on repeat. Try having a glass of water, a cup of coffee or tea, or a fresh fruit instead of that candy.

Exercise regularly

It doesn’t take much, and you don’t need to become an athlete, but as little as half an hour of moderate exercise, like a quick walk, is associated with so many positive effects. Better blood sugar control, higher stamina and a clearer mind are just a few Examples.

Avoid sugary drinks

Drinking water instead of a soda with your meal takes away lots of sugar and the energy ups and downs that it causes. The naturally flavored sparkling water Good Idea adds to this by its special formula that reduces the blood sugar spike after a meal. In the short perspective, it can help you stay sharp and energized the whole workday. In the longer run avoiding those blood sugar spikes and lows is a great investment in your health.

About Dr. Elin Östman:

Dr. Elin Östman is a former Associate Professor and senior lecturer in applied nutrition at the Food for Health Science Centre of Lund University in southern Sweden. Her 20-year career comprises groundbreaking research on the preventive potential of foods and healthy diets against lifestyle-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. To date, Dr. Elin has been a co-author of some 45 peer-reviewed original articles and 3 reviews. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences and events in the field of nutrition and food science, and the co-founder of four food innovation related start-up companies. Dr. Elin is the researcher behind Good Idea® – a functional sparkling water proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal by, on average, 25%. She is currently based at the company´s headquarters in San Francisco, where she serves as Chief Scientist.

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