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Improve Employee Retention Starting With Their Interview

Originally posted February 12, 2014 on Peoplefluent.com

3 Interview Questions that Will Improve Retention Rates

InterivewIt has been a long debated matter over whether or not retention is truly a metric of recruiting. On one side of the fence, there is the sound premise that many of the known factors that lead to turnover are in the capacity of the employer/employee relationship. On the other side, we have those who will contend that the good or bad hire is determined at the screening and hiring level. Regardless of which side any particular recruiter is on, retention is a metric that matters to the organization as a whole.

If we can agree that both of these stances make sense, then we can agree that retention is a metric that recruiters can affect. Employee/employer matters, while they cannot be controlled or remedied at the recruiting level, should still be considered and utilized in the recruiting process. Taking three of the most common factors that lead to turnover, and using them to craft interview questions, can help recruiters and hiring managers create even better matches for the organization.

While factors in turnover will be different for each organization, these are a few of the most common we find. The interview questions that follow are aimed at combating the particular turnover issue.

1. Low Pay/Benefits Packages

“Are there particular perks that might mean more to you than monetary rewards?”

This is where knowing your candidate’s wants and needs comes in. When you gather information about the non-monetary benefits that the candidate prizes, you can put together an offer that will be more appealing to them in the long term.

Things like paid time off, flextime and even an open social media and device policy are often more important to workers than money. In fact, 25% of respondents from this Mashable infographic said that they would take a reduction in salary to be able to work remotely. Furthermore, asking these interview questions lets the candidate know that there is even a possibility to request such perks.

2. Constant Reorganization

“Are you able to learn and produce in a fluid work environment, or do you perform better with concrete practices and processes?”

This was a surprisingly big one for turnover. When companies constantly switch out managers, department names, or even desk positions, it can really affect the turnover rate. This question allows candidates to be honest about the type of environment that they can thrive in. The question is posed in a way that doesn’t lead the candidate to tell the interviewer what they think they want to hear. Continue Reading…