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LinkedIn Talent Connect 2016 Live vs. Livestream [Illustrated]

While some of us will pack up and head to Las Vegas for LinkedIn Talent Connect in early October, others will head to the windy city of Chicago and still, others are just too far away to attend some of these conferences.

I didn’t use to appreciate livestreaming the way I do now. But when you get too busy to attend ALL the conferences or to see every amazing new speaker or user conference in person, livestreaming can be a lifesaver. We decided to show you just how cool the livestream experience can be.

  • You can wear slippers instead of heels.
  • You can tweet your thoughts instead of saying them out loud!
  • You know everyone in your workplace, not so in a large auditorium.
  • No pricey hotel fees!
  • You can totally stick to your low-carb diet.
  • And the number one reason to tune into the livestream? Her name is Maren Hogan. See you in October!

Kristine’s Cartoons presents…Live-VS-Livestream-Comic

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