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#6Things: Mo’Nique and Pay Inequality, Smart Perks, and the “other” Monster

Wow. Well I had the flu this week which means I got to do a week’s worth of work in two days! YAY! Plus, we’re trying to hire (hint hint). However, being laid up in bed did give me a chance to read, if not write, some of what my amazing colleagues are writing. And boy are they writing. Check out the below #6things (plus Bonus Links!) for insight on pay inequity, name-ism, brillz perks and kind of a terrible bummer of a story that will make you sad but you should probably read because it impacts the work we do. Actually, there’s another one in the bonus links. On a positive note, one of the coolest women I know is making a move…but I don’t know what it is 🙁

Read on, reader…

I’ll Take “Hey I wish I’d thought of that” for $500 Alex

Buzz On HR author Sarah Morgan has come with 5 awesome ideas to provide unique perks for employees that won’t break the bank and most of them I’d never even thought of. I won’t give them all away but here’s one idea I know my people would LOOOOVE:

Discount and purchase programs. Every bit that you can help an employee keep from spending helps them feel appreciated — which increases their loyalty and respect for the company. There are great discount programs out there which cost $1-$5 per employee per month and will allow your employees to enjoy discounts on event tickets, travel bookings, movie tickets, car rentals, etc. There are others which are NO COST like cell phone discounts, home and auto insurance discounts, appliance and electronic discounts. And there are programs which allow employees to make installment purchases via paycheck deductions, which simultaneously help them build and repair their credit.  Help your employees live their best life at reasonable prices.

Other genius tips to help your people manage their money, pamper their pets and more. Read it, then implement. Why wouldn’t you want to fatten up your benefits package? Are you not facing a tight labor market like the rest of us? (TheBuzzonHR)

If it feels like I write about Sackett all the time…

It’s because he writes every day! But I’m not talking about Tim Sackett here, no I am talking about Sackett Jr, who wrote his first piece on TTSP this week. The title alone made me laugh because I am a on the cusp between Gen Y and Gen X and even I DON’T FEEL IN CHARGE YET. It’s probs because I’m a woman. Anyway, let’s find some takeaways shall we?

I never thought that I would want to do anything similar to my Dad’s line of work (still don’t to be honest), but when your dad is a micro-celebrity in the HR world, you should take advantage of that! My biggest takeaway from this experience is to not be ashamed of using your connections because once you get your foot in the door, that’s when you can start to make a name for yourself. I’m still hoping for that amazing internship experience, but I have accepted the reality that to get that experience, I need to use the connections I have.

Funnily enough, I remember this. I remember being palpably embarrassed asking any of my friends to do anything for me. It was so silly but I remember it being a big deal back then. Write on Little Sackett! (TTSP)

A Brand New Argument in the Unmitigated War on Men!

This HuffPo article (HT Robin Schooling) about the terrible things (allegedly) going on at Monster (the drink company, not our purple friend) is actually heart wrenching (biting, racially charged comments, the C and W words as they refer to women). It gets even more difficult to read when you read that one of the chief ignorers is……drum roll please……

A fifth lawsuit, filed in 2016 by a woman who worked in the company’s human resource department, alleges she experienced harassment that was enabled by the company’s female former head of HR.

There’s also a gem of a quote about parent company Coca-Cola “not knowing” and this:

Monster argued that these cases are without merit and had nothing to do with sex discrimination, and characterized the women who filed the suits as “disgruntled employees.”

“The only connection is that these individuals suing Monster for money have endeavored to band together to litigate their cases in the media,” the company said in a 600-word statement sent to HuffPost. “The cases are diverse, unrelated and do not remotely suggest a systemic environment of harassment or discrimination.”

Oh, I get it now. The MORE women who complain, the LESS bad it is. Gotcha. (HuffPo)

Maria? Maren? Mary?

This is just one of the things Chris Fields touches on in his latest on Resume Crusade (not PIC, and don’t look for it there, because you will get lost reading so much awesome stuff and forget why you were there until 45 minutes later and you realize you need to get back to work). Name-ism, racism and ageism…all tackled pretty succinctly in this in-the-trenches plea for those reading resumes to have some sense. But should we still be reading resumes? Check this quote:

There is an ongoing debate in the Human Resources community about using automation in the recruiting process and by automation they mean A.I. bots to screen and interview applicants. The naysayers feel this removes the “human” element from human resources. I say it removes the unnecessary discrimination and prejudice from the process. Robots won’t discriminate against anyone based on their age, sex, religion, name, or anything else unless they are programmed to do so.

I hope they don’t get programmed to do so… (ResumeCrusade)

Sportsball Advice!

Okay, just kidding, I do actually watch the SuperBowl (mostly for the commercials though) and John Hollon and Sharlyn Lauby had a conversation about the absenteeism on Superbowl MONDAY. It’s audio so you have to listen but it’s a fascinating discussion on what we want, what we get and what we expect…meaning maybe we should change our expectations? (Workforce Institute)

What is she UP TO?

I hate waiting. So when Jess Von Bank posted that she’s making a move, I was like….hello? Where? But she is not telling us. Here’s what we know: She still has not taken down her Christmas tree, her girls are being super adorable (natch), and she has amazing arms. This seems like a case for Burt Macklin. (I just saw it on FB)


So you think you can be an HR pro? Try it.

Cisco recruiter says they discriminate?

I’m happy because I have a higher chance of being successful but sad because I am old.

Now I feel bad for saying I’m old.

Mo’Nique and Pay Inequality. It’s not about personality, it’s about MATH.