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#NowPlaying: #WerkBranch: Cheer Up Music for the Office

By Kyle Christensen:

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Feeling down now that the holiday season is over? We’re sad it’s gone too, but we’re also glad. Why? We created the perfect playlist to get you pumped up and ready to take on the new year in our next #WerkBranch series playlist! Listen to your new favorite playlist to crank up at work and get cheered up as we move through January. Don’t forget to check back next month because we roll out playlists monthly.

“Doesn’t everyone turn to music when they’re in need of some cheering up? I honestly couldn’t think of just one artist or genre who I turn to consistently. Sometimes I need some metal vocals to scream alongside. Sometimes I need something electric with keyboards and a dance beat. And other times I need slow and soulful. Our office playlist definitely turned into a hodgepodge of it all!”

– Marissa Litty, Corporate Communications at Red Branch Media (@MarissaLitty)

Feeling down now that the #holiday season is over? Here's the perfect collection of #music to cheer you up! Click To Tweet

Office Cheer-Up Tip #1: Specific Snacks

Did you know there are certain foods and snacks that can boost your mood? Get ready to add these snacks to your lunchbox so you can get happy while you work! Thanks to a recent article from NDTV Convergence titled, “Food and Mood: 10 Foods That Can Cheer You Up on a Bad Day,” there are 10 foods you can try right now. Here’s their list:

  • Honey: Which helps by, “…boosting energy production in the brain.”
  • Cherries: Which helps to, “…work like painkillers and make you feel relaxed.”
  • Fatty Fish: Which helps to a, “…reduced risk of depression.”
  • Beetroot: Which helps by, “…boosting your mood.”
  • Tomatoes: Which helps in, “…producing mood-boosting neurotransmitters…” and “…regulating your mood.”
  • Chocolate: Which helps by, “…reducing high levels of stress hormones.” If you eat Dark Chocolate, it will, “…make you feel good and is also known to temporarily block feelings of pain and sadness.”
  • Spinach: Which helps by, “…balancing our mood.”
  • Bananas: Which helps to, “…keep you at ease throughout the day.”
  • Walnuts: Which helps to, “…keep one’s mood steady by regulating the blood sugar levels.”
  • Coconut: Which helps to, “…diminish anxiety and slows our heart rate.”
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Office Cheer-Up Tip #2: Pictures

Typical pictures of loved ones at your desk. Yes, it sounds cliché, but it works people. According to the article, “SAD at work? Five tips to boost your mood at your job this winter” from the Dragons’ Den blog on CBC/Radio-Canada, they mentioned in part of their statistic that, “A 2012 study from the UK demonstrated that people who looked at personal photos enjoyed an 11 percent boost in their happiness and a 22 percent improvement in relaxation…”  That’s a big boost anyone can enjoy at work, so gather some photos, frame them and bring them to work!

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It’s easy to get in a slump after the holidays, but it’s also easy to get back up. Follow these easy tips to give yourself a little boost. To take your happiness to the next level, add THIS playlist to your workday! We’re sure that it will help you out.

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