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Open APIs vs. Integration: What’s it Matter to TA Tech Users?

In order to make the best decision in any given situation, one needs all the information. This is no different when it comes to talent acquisition pros. Many TA teams use a variety of tools to help them get their tasks completed throughout the day. When it comes to making decisions on processes or about whether or not something is actually effective, though, these many tools within their arsenals aren’t giving them a complete picture to do so. This slows down the process since the programs they’re using likely don’t communicate with each other.

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The solution? Many emerging technologies have taken to open APIs and integration to help teams see the bigger picture between sourcing, recruiting, and communicating with candidates.

What is an Open API?

An open API is a publicly available, but in most cases by request, application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application.

Talent acquisition technology companies using open APIs give users more of an advantage to see the whole picture when it comes to their processes and data.

Why It Matters.

By the definitions above, open APIs could also be considered a type of integration, but in terms of talent acquisition technology, the term integration we’re referring to is platforms that only allow integration or coordination between specific other tools they’ve chosen rather than letting the user choose for themselves. The different availabilities for integration make a world of difference for a talent acquisition team trying to see the whole picture.  

Using tools that have an open API gives individuals the ability to help easily integrate with other systems and applications, for seamless cross-platform data sharing. In the case of talent acquisition technology, a platform’s ability to coordinate with other tools and if it has an open API, it’s possible with almost any other platform making these types of products infinitely more valuable than those that limit integration access.

The difference between these two methods is clear as the method of open APIs gives users more options to combine platforms and cross-platform data sharing than the method of integration. SmartRecruiters CEO and Founder, Jerome Ternynck (@jerometernynck) put it best when defining an effective talent acquisition team:

“In order to be effective, a talent acquisition platform must allow talent acquisition leaders to manage all sourcing activity and all candidates in one place.”

The benefit to providing talent acquisition teams with tools that have open APIs gives them the capability to make better decisions regarding processes and evaluate the effectiveness their procedures have using the whole picture. As advancements in TA tech keep moving forward, it’s important for the different platforms talent acquisition teams use to have open APIs to provide these metrics to help better processes and the field altogether.