Top 4 iPhone Apps to Pass Time


There are a lot of apps out there that are pretty entertaining. It’s not hard to download Applicationssome quick entertainment when you’re bored which can happen in the airport, during a long commute or in a meeting at Red Branch Media anytime! App developers are creating apps that are better than ever. Check out this quick list of apps that are running down my battery:

1. Heads Up This hilarious take on an old party guessing game got a new twist from Ellen Degeneres (I love you Ellen!!!) when she added video and social sharing. A bargain at 99 cents, it will have you bonding with fellow conference goers in no time, as RBM Chief Marketing Brain Maren Hogan learned at last week’s SHRM National Conference.

Cost: $0.99

Reason: Because who doesn’t want to see a VP of HR trying to guess “leapfrog”?

2. Vine This is a video-sharing app. But it’s not just any video-sharing app. It’s designed in a way for you to film short, separate instances so they can be linked together for a total of six seconds. Each short video plays in a continuous loop, and are viewable directly in Twitter’s timeline. Unfortunately, right now the app is only available to IOS devices. Sorry ’bout it.

Cost: Free

Reason: The app is similar to Instagram, and it shows you a scrollable feed of all your friends’ vines on the homescreen. You also have your own profile page, which you can customize later after signing up. Vine takes most of your information from Twitter, including name, photo, bio and transfers it to your new Vine account when you sign up.

3. Southwest This app is one of my favorites. Since I am one of Southwest Airlines biggest fans, I use their super functional app to check all of my airline needs: checking in, scanning for delays and getting quick notifications about gate changes. The best part of the app is the flight check-in. Since Southwest does “cattle call” its important to check in exactly 24 hours in advance so you can get to the head of the line. (hello A12!!!)

Cost: Free

Reason: Not only can you book flights, check their CHEAP fare alerts, but also, who likes to sit in the back of the plane anyway?

4. Songza This is an app very similar to Pandora but….better. Songza is a free music streaming and recommendation service. Stating that its playlists are made by music experts, the service recommends various playlists based on time of day and mood or activity. My fave? “Ladies be pre-gaming”

Cost: Free
Reason: Songza’s lists are put together way better than Pandora. They also tend not to repeat songs on a specific station as much as Pandora does.
Bonus Time Waster (courtesy of Maren) is Houzz, because “nothing is better than looking at rich people’s houses when you are crammed in the worst seat on the plane.”
Comment below and let me know which apps you are frequently using.

photo credit: MSVG via photopin cc