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#RBMValues: Music with a Nobility for Accountability

By Kyle Christensen:

It’s time for another RBM value! This month, channel your inner nobility while reading all about our value of Accountability. At Red Branch Media, we value our clients. That means if we’re working for you, we make the most out of your investment. Read about our fourth value below and get your free playlist here! Don’t have Spotify? Listen to the playlist at the end of this article!

What is Accountability?

Red Branch Media defines Accountability as, “Want a low-quality product? Do not come here. We deliver what we say we will.”

Want a low-quality product? Do NOT come to @RedBranch. Read how they exemplify #Accountability by producing the best work imaginable for their clients. As a thank you, you’ll get a free #playlist Click To Tweet

We’re a Nebraska-based company, and if you know anything about Nebraskans, we pride ourselves on our work ethic. We will NEVER waste your time OR your money. While other agencies might take your money and give you garbage in return, we understand your money is as valuable as your time. That’s why we make the most out of your dollar, producing the best deliverables on the planet for your company to thrive. Bottom line, we set out to complete what we said we will. You have our word on that.

How We Apply Accountability

For me, being accountable means putting your best work forward, no matter the cost, by the set deadline. It doesn’t mean you have to put the weight of the world on your shoulders, though. It’s having that right balance of knowing what you can take on and knowing when you need to reach out to your co-workers for help. Simply put, accountability is priority management. The end result is a product that’s unmatched by any other agency.

“Accountability is vital at Red Branch! We are a team, so every position at the branch effects the next. As a designer, I am responsible for managing my time and ensuring I hit deadlines in order to present my part to the next individual until the client ultimately receives our hard work.

Mackenzie Anderson,

Graphic Designer at Red Branch Media (@Mackenzie_RBM)

How You Can Have Accountability, Like Us

It’s time to re-prioritize.

Here are 3 habits you can adapt to be more accountable:

  • To help yourself gauge how long it takes you to complete projects, set a timer for each one. When you’re done, make a note of the time it took so you can give both your team and clients more accurate estimates on similar projects in the future. This will aid in reducing miscommunications and overloading yourself by setting short deadlines.
  • Get all of the information you need before you start a task, then take a moment to read it over and understand what you need to do. This will allow you to plan everything out and take time to get any additional information ahead of time if you need it. If you don’t do this, you could create a roadblock and delay the project timeline by having to pause your work and reach out for more information. This causes frustrations and added stress.
  • Notice when your co-workers are struggling. If they seem like they’re underwater, ask them what you can do to help. If you’re not a team player, you’re letting down your team.

Accountability is an extremely important value. If you have an accountable mindset, you can be an asset instead of a roadblock for your team and your client. Start being accountable, and make sure to check our blog next month for another value you can learn about and use. In the meantime, bookmark this article and listen to the Accountability playlist on Spotify that’s 100% brancher-made by the entire team at Red Branch Media!

The Branchers have put together another #playlist that exemplifies the #RBMValue of #Accountability. If you think you’ve got a great work ethic, read how the team at @RedBranch works together to produce the best deliverables on the planet. Click To Tweet

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