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#RBMValues: Where Credit Is Due, This Music Will See You Through

By Kyle Christensen:

It’s time for another RBM value. This month, you’ll read how we give Credit Where It’s Due. When you work together as a team, great things happen. Even greater things happen when you credit everyone who has contributed. Read about our sixth value below and get your free playlist here! Don’t have Spotify? Listen to the playlist at the end of this article!

What is Credit Where It’s Due?

Red Branch Media defines Credit Where It’s Due as, “We’re proud of our work and everyone who contributes to that end result. We want to give credit where it’s due.”

Red Branch Media isn’t an agency that’s filled with a bunch of individual, dysfunctional departments. We’re an agency that’s made whole by all of our departments, pods, and skill sets that work in tandem like an unstoppable, thriving, well-functioning ecosystem. That’s why when you see one of our amazing projects, we can guarantee that it wasn’t done alone. And we never forget to credit anyone who contributed.

We’re proud of our work at @RedBranch, and everyone who contributes to that end result. We want to give credit where it’s due. Read about this #value, and we’ll give you a #free #playlist! Click To Tweet

How We Apply GTD

For me, Credit Where It’s Due is made possible by Red Branch Media’s incredible team that’s behind each project. We all work together, each with our individual strengths, to make everything you see today. That’s why we value giving credit to each brancher because that’s where it’s due. To quote Leslie Knope from the TV show Parks and Recreation, “no one achieves anything alone.”

“Great things happen in teams. Combined knowledge, perspective, experience, and skill make our results beautiful. The 40 hours of one person falls short of the work five people use in one day. It’s not the same, and that’s why we only have to credit each other.

Mitchell Tillwick, Marketing Automation Associate at Red Branch Media (@Mitchell_RBM)

How You Can Give More Credit, Like Us

It’s always a good idea to give Credit Where It’s Due.

Here are 3 tips you can adopt from Inc. to ensure you’re giving enough credit:

  • “Recognize the recognizers. The employees who take time to recognize their colleagues’ contributions should be noted. These types of people are the ones helping you spread the right type of culture through your office.”
    • TLDR; giving recognition to those giving recognition will make your office thrive.
  • “Pay attention to quiet performers,” because, “…your strongest contributors are usually the quietest. Even if they aren’t worried about getting credit, Jain writes, you need to make sure they’re recognized.“
    • TLDR; recognize the introverts, as they’re usually your best team members.
  • “Jain writes that one of his mentors once told him that “credit is infinitely divisible,” meaning that everyone can be recognized.”
    • TLDR; credit everyone, it’s always possible.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due will not only improve your company culture, but it will help create a better version of yourself. Consider trying the 3 methods from Inc above, and constantly look for new ways to credit your team. Remember, it’s always a good idea to give Credit Where It’s Due. Think of it as your responsibility, rather than something “nice” to do. Make sure to check our blog next month for another value you can learn about and use.

#DYK? The branchers at @RedBranch released a new #RBMValue #playlist. Spoiler alert, it’s about giving Credit Where It’s Due. In addition, you’ll read how you can do the same. Click To Tweet

In the meantime, bookmark this article and listen to the Credit Where It’s Due playlist on Spotify that’s 100% brancher-made by the entire team at Red Branch Media!

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#RBMValues - Where credit is due.
#RBMValues – Where credit is due.

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