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5 Reasons Why Omnichannel Marketing Is What Your Ecommerce Needs

By Guest Author, Laura Narušytė:

Have you already reached the stage you can’t name all your customers by heart just because the list is too long? Consider moving your marketing strategy to omnichannel approach.

The earlier you do this, the easier it will be to implement. This is a step you will have to do one day anyway if you aim to grow big.

Sound too emphatic?

Trust me, it won’t cost you large amounts of money. However, your business, as well as your customers, will see a huge difference. And that will help you become a powerful and sustainable business.

What Is Omnichannel Marketing?

The idea behind omnichannel marketing is that all channels you use for business communication work together to create a unified voice of your brand and to provide customers with the seamless shopping experience.

Unlike multichannel marketing, omnichannel approach puts the customer at the center of marketing operations and focuses on creating a smooth, unified experience no matter what channel the customer uses to interact with the brand.

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That can be implemented by switching multiple tools for different marketing purposes into one powerful marketing tool and one customer database.

So you won’t waste any more of your time reading repeated messages from customers via different channels or picking one by one customer that has bought one product or another.

On the omnichannel marketing platform, the database will update automatically on each customer interaction. In this case, you will feel the pulse of your customers and will know at what place of the shopping funnel each of them currently is.

For example, if a customer purchases a product, Facebook and other ads won’t show the same product to him/her again. Instead, they display an offer with complementary products. Moreover, the customer will receive an email to review the product or refer a friend.

Simply put, you will foresee communication workflows for your customers and the omnichannel marketing tool will accomplish them for you.

So let me convince you that omnichannel marketing is your next big step with the following reasons:

Reason #1. With the Omnichannel Approach, You Will Collect All the Customer Data at One Place

Usually, e-commerce owners implement multichannel marketing strategies. So their customers’ data is spread out among multiple sources: website database, email marketing provider, social media audiences, additional Excel Sheets, etc.

An omnichannel marketing tool allows you to collect all the data about your customer in one place. You can see all the contact information, whether he/she opens your emails, clicks on your social media ads, how often buys and how much each time spends, what communication channel loves the most, etc. You get the idea.

When there are 10 or 20 customers on your list, it’s not difficult to follow their purchases and edit your files. But admit it, with thousands or even hundreds of customers, it becomes backbreaking.

Reason #2. The Customer Tend to Spend More for Seamless Experience

The omnichannel marketing approach enables you to start sending highly relevant messages to your customers via multiple channels.

For example, on Omnisend platform, your customer could receive an SMS follow up on the email they have been sent earlier today, perhaps based on whether or not they opened the last campaign, or if they’ve already purchased something.

So you will be able to send personalized messages to your customers according to their interests and behavior.

The data shows that customers who have seamless omnichannel experience spend 10% more online than single-channel shoppers.

Reason #3. Omnichannel Marketing Helps Retain Customers

All marketers know that to retain a customer is cheaper than to attract the new one. Nevertheless, coming back customers tend to spend more than the new ones.

The omnichannel approach boosts the customer retention rate significantly. According to Aberdeen Group, “companies with an extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement have an 89% customer retention rate compared to 33% for companies with weak engagement.”

At some point, it could be the one and only reason to start omnichannel marketing implementation. Doesn’t it?

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Reason #4. Stop Wasting Money on Product Ads That Have Already Been Purchased

By using one database for all marketing needs, you can control the ads you show for your customers. Let’s agree, continuing the yellow sneakers ad for the girl weeks after she bought them is worthless.

So you could save that money, or show her a nice purse fitting the sneakers instead.

Reason #5. Omnichannel Marketing Will Teach You More About Your Business

I’m not saying you don’t know your own business. But in order to provide an excellent omnichannel experience, first, you will have to audit your business once again and update your knowledge about your customers and their journey.

It will take you some time to fulfill the research of your products, checkout, returns, and refunds processes, audit all your brand communication channels, customer reviews, etc.

However, it’s impossible to improve something when you don’t know what isn’t perfect.

That business insights will be necessary for portraits of buying personas and communication workflow setup.

Key takeaways:

Uninterrupted and smooth customer experience becomes a must nowadays. Customers enjoy that seamless Amazon.com shopping experience and expect the same from all e-commerce sites.

An omnichannel marketing strategy will meet the needs of your customers.

As a result, your customer retention and sales will increase, you will save a lot of time and money by not wasting it on managing data on multiple platforms. And, last but not least, by implementing this strategy into your business, you will get valuable insights that will help you become a stronger player in the market.