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#RedBranchWeekly: 4 Ways to Boost Company Morale

As August begins and Summer’s end draws closer, many management teams may be seeing a case of the “End of Summer Blues” creeping up in the office. How can you turn this around? Our clients have just the solutions this week. First, CyberGrants let us know the benefits of employee volunteering programs and using them to bring teams together for a cause. Then ClearCompany gave advice on boosting morale from the very beginning when it comes to treating candidates right. Need a few more tips for boosting your company morale this month? Keep on reading and like us on Facebook for more great content and awesome pictures of our team!


company moraleCyberGrants: 7 Benefits of Providing Employee Volunteering Programs

The benefits of providing employee volunteering programs are endless. From keeping employees engaged and building camaraderie to improving corporate culture and employer brand, volunteer programs have the power to recharge and sustain a healthy workforce. In 2014, CECP’s Giving in Numbers report found that 59% of companies offer paid-release time volunteer programs meaning employees are compensated for their volunteer time. Read more…


candidate_experience-4ClearCompany: What 4 Great Leaders Have to Say About Treating Your Companies Right

As a recruiter, tight deadlines and open seats produce all the pressure you need in an 8-hour day. There is a lot to be done and a great amount of it falls on you and the unpredictable candidates you interact with. Because of this, it can easily slip your mind that on the other side of that phone, email, text, etc. is a 3-dimensional human. Learn more…



performance-management-Reviewsnap: Learning Fails: 5 Times Training at Work Didn’t Work

Even companies that train employees and make training readily available to employees often find that much of the resources allocated to training are wasted. They are finding that there’s no measurable or positive correlation in terms of better employee contributions or productivity. It’s because supporting training isn’t enough. Read more…



company moraleVector Talent Resources: 5 Undeniable Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Process

It’s one thing to know what qualities an ideal candidate should possess, but it’s another to map out what makes them the best fit for the team. Take your candidate personas to the next level by developing a deep understanding of your existing team. Ask successful teams to take a personality and work values assessment to visualize how each member works together. Keep reading…