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#RedBranchWeekly: How Tech and Communication Impact Your Bottom Line

It’s that time of year again! When budget evaluations are in full swing and everything is about the bottom line. What impacts your bottom line? Tech and communication throughout your organization. What better way to learn about the effects of these aspects than from the newest edition of the Red Branch Weekly? See what Reviewsnap has to say about managers and their ability to make communication better. Find out where Vector Talent stands when it comes to high tech vs high touch. Then read up on the direct impacts of feedback on your bottom line from iRevü. Sign up for our newsletter so you never miss an update!


workplace-communicationReviewsnap: 3 Ways Managers Can Create Better Communication

Communication is key. Whether verbal or nonverbal, you communicate with everyone you meet and it can mean a lot, especially with those we work with. Studies have found that some form of communication with managers every day allow workers to be more engaged and have a sense of mentorship. Read more…


tech and communicationVector Talent Resources: High Tech vs. High Touch: Bring HR Back from the Dead

Today is a time of robots, screens and the zombified automated processes. Don’t get us wrong; automation is a smart way to save time and increase accuracy in business. However, saving time in administrative hiring tasks should mean more time for innovation, personalization and other things only a human can provide. Learn more…


communicationiRevü: 3 Ways Ongoing Feedback Pads Your Bottom Line

We know the drill, you’re a manager with tons of daily and weekly tasks. You already have so much on your plate that the thought of adding one more thing seems a little insane. Meanwhile, you keep hearing about this “ongoingfeedback” thing. Would it really be worth your time? Is,feedback that important? Well, actually yes! Keep reading…


tech and communicationTalent Tech Labs: #HRTech Conference: Larger Companies Innovating, Siloes Being Destroyed, and Women in Tech Get Their Due

Last week’s HR Technology Conference brought together some of the greatest minds and technologies under one roof. Read what the TTL team thought…


communicationCyberGrants: Can You Measure Your Company’s Social Impact?

Employees want to feel and see the meaning behind every hour they spend at work. Sometimes that meaning is, at its most basic, all about a paycheck. But more often than not, employees feel most engaged when they can see how their everyday job duties connect to their personal goals. Learn more…