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These Industries Use Texting. Are You Falling Behind?

By Guest Author, Liz Price:

Having a business texting service is a great way to add some mobile marketing into your marketing strategy. This trend has been around for a while and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon with how often people across the world use their mobile phones every day. People read their texts and if you are able to target them using business SMS texting then you might be on to a winner. Here, we are going to look at the different sectors that take advantage of the benefits that bulk SMS texting brings so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

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Real Estate

One of the biggest sectors that make use of bulk texting services is the real estate sector. When arranging a viewing, real estate agents will likely have quite a few different people that they need to keep in contact with. By taking advantage of bulk SMS services, such as Sakari who are continuing to grow in popularity amongst businesses, these companies can reduce the number of people who don’t show up or contact their customers in bulk to inform them of a new property. This can save time that would normally be used calling customers to inform them of changes and can make the whole process a lot easier.


The retail sector has been using text messaging services for a long time and they do so in order to inform their customers about new offers and other promotional material. Because of how many retail companies use this service, it is important that these types of messages are becoming more personal. They can do this by adding the name of the buyer if they have previously got their contact information or even personalizing the offer based on what the customer has purchased before. Coupons and alerts of sales are often sent out via this method.


If you are traveling by plane, then you probably check for updates on your flight before you set off and while you are at the airport. Unfortunately, last minute changes happen often in this industry, so text messages are a great way of informing customers of important information. Not only do airlines send out travel information but they also send check-in links and boarding passes through a text to make the whole process as easy as possible.


Text messaging services have become a lot more popular in the healthcare industry when it comes to appointment reminders. Many people miss their healthcare appointments every day meaning that someone else could have been seen at that time and the patient is often charged for their missed appointment. By making use of text message reminder services, healthcare professionals can do everything they can to remind their patients about their upcoming appointment or any changes that need to be made.


The non-profit industry is probably one of the biggest industries that makes use of text message services. Campaigns are created around SMS messages and previous givers and retargeted and encouraged to give some more. Often, a simple message stating information about a natural disaster with an easy to follow call to action can make a lot more money than an expensive television campaign.


The recruitment industry is huge and there are many recruiters sending out text message alerts to their clients every day. It is a lot easier to send out a mass text message about a job interview or a recruitment day than it would be to call all of the candidates individually. This way, they can also ensure that people who are already employed are not hassled by phone calls when they are working, adding a level of privacy.


The final industry that we are going to discuss that makes use of SMS services is the hospitality industry. Not only do restaurants and hotels alert their customers of new offers, coupons but they can also let them know when rooms or tables need to be filled. This creates a good loyalty program and receiving offers the right time can encourage customers to visit the restaurant or book a last minute room in the hotel. The hospitality industry can also make sure that people show up for their bookings by sending reminders and more information.

Final Thoughts

There are so many industries that already use SMS marketing services so if you don’t already then you should consider joining in on this. You can contact your customers directly, send out offers and remind them that you are still around. Make sure to make your messages personal and soon you’ll start reaping the benefits of using one of these services. Don’t be afraid to test out different messages to see what works best for your customer base and you’ll see better results.