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#RedBranchWeekly: Tips for Hiring in the Digital Age

By Alison Wurth:

Long ago were the days of posting a job ad in the newspaper and patiently waiting for resumes and phone calls to come in. We’re in the digital age of hiring and the technology is constantly improving. What does this mean? Competition is fierce, the process moves fast and companies need to identify and implement any tool that will give them an edge.

We love hearing about the latest tech making waves in the HR space! Even better, new tech in talent acquisition means more time for humans in HR to do what humans do best: make meaningful relationships! This week, #RedBranchWeekly is all about the latest and greatest of hiring in the digital age.

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XOR.ai: Determine if a Chatbot is Beneficial for Your Company

These days, you cannot go far in the HR space without hearing about Artificial Intelligence and specifically, Chatbots. It’s the HR buzzword of the year. And, are they really worth all the buzz they are getting? The short answer: yeah, it appears so. They perform the mindless tasks that bog down your day, they make sure you never miss out on great candidates, they take on the tedious scheduling process and more. Oh, and odds are, your competitors already have one. So, to answer this article title, yes, a chatbot probably would be beneficial for your company. But don’t let me convince you. Read for yourself.

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Talent Tech Labs: Talent Acquisition Technology Incubator Welcomes Digital Recruitment Assistant Platform

Two woman looking at tabletDon’t believe that the HR world is embracing the world of Chatbots yet? Check this out. Talent Tech Labs announced they are welcoming Artificial Intelligence with open arms and partnering with the aforementioned XOR.ai. Of course, we recognize this new era of TA Tech is in its growth stage, but how exciting is this?!  Plus, the CEO & Founder of XOR says she can already see their own benefits from the partnership.

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ClearCompany: Become a Hiring Expert with the Best of ClearCompany

Have you heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s ten thousand hour rule to master a skill? Well, you could say ClearCompany has put in their hours. Yes, all the new tech is exciting and beneficial. But if you don’t have the knowledge and experience behind it, how can you measure your quality of hire? In the Best of ClearCompany, their decades of knowledge is laid on the line for you! And let’s just say this is the kind of stuff you should trust. They’ve processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level.

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