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Top #WebDev Tweets From Last Week

Web development? We dabble. Being a web developer is one of the fastest growing desired skills and for good reason. Consumers scour the internet before anywhere else and they make decisions, fast. If your website is outdated, confusing, or just straight ugly, you can kiss your visitors goodbye. Step in, web development (and many other things like SEO, design, branding, yadda yadda yadda).

To be a good developer, you need to be strategic, sharp, and on top of every trend, because well, clients are probs going to ask for the world, and YOU need to know how to build it. What better place to find trends than Twitter?

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Take a look at these expert insights on what you need to know in web from the inspirational basics to turning your hobby into a career.

Writing Code for Humans AKA UX

 “A bad UX, although not always explicitly apparent, can have rippling effects on your brand image, employee retention, and growth,” said Kerry Pivovar (@kerrypivovar), Web Project Manager at Red Branch. “Reduce the number of steps it takes to complete actions in your product or service. Find shortcuts for your users before they need to make their own.” Pivovar said.

Back to the Basics

Maybe you’re not a developer yet, but if you’ve made it this far, maybe you could take your first steps with HTML. Take a look at this quick and easy guide explaining all the fundamentals of Hyper Text Markup Language.

Is Your UX Any Good?

We talked about user experience and the importance of it all, but is yours any good? Is this the first time you’ve even thought about it? Use this template by @UK_Flows to get a kickstart.

All Your Common Errors, Gone

The greatest part about web, is most of the problems you’ve run into have already been solved by other developers out there. Those pesky WordPress problems you’ve been defeated by over and over again, are now defeated, by YOU. Get to it.

Don’t Build Forms That Suck

Have you ever run into a form that had WAY too many fields, a broken submit button, or lead you to the wrong place? Don’t build forms that suck. Hubspot couldn’t make it easier with this knockout FREE demo. Check it out.

Coding and Jamming

What’s your favorite band to code’n’jam to? Did you know, many of the Branchers have to either write or code (sometimes both) every week? We came up with a playlist JUST for those two things. You better listen and #werk.

“THAT’S How Much it Costs for a New Site?”

Everybody wants to spend as little as possible and get as much as they can. That’s the case whether you’re building a website, buying a car, or grabbing a bite at your favorite restaurant.” said Erik Karkovack, Freelance Web Designer

There are free options and resources for building a site, but there’s nothing like a skilled developer to help you and your brand stand out from the competition.

“Hello? Who’s Out There, Anybody?”

Get in touch with the web dev community through reading outlets like the Development Daily. Learn new ins and outs, chat with the writers, and share your own experiences in web.

Turning Your Hobby into a Profession


Kicking off new careers, especially one as a freelancer, is tough. You’re going to fall a lot, and not want to get back up, or even feel like you can get back up. But you should, because like yourself, this guy turned his hobby into a profession. And you will too!

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