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Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Agility

The Branchers:

We are nearing the end of our values series, so if you missed any check them out here: grit, curiosity, naked ambition, accountability, get things done, credit, helpfulness, balance and honesty. Today’s company value is agility/efficiency.

Here at Red Branch, we pride ourselves in our ability to think and understand quickly. Keep reading to discover why each of us treasures this value so much:


“Being agile means that we can easily respond, adapt, and change reactively without losing the main vision or goal.”

– Eric



“Red Branch Media is responsive to new trends and never rests on its laurels. We are agile and efficient in our work, communication, and culture.”

– Kerry


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“One of the ways we’re so successful at Red Branch Media is our ability to be agile. This doesn’t mean we rush through projects, but rather we are naturals at communication and anticipating client needs. This allows us to work with our clients to hit goals and crush it on deliverables quicker than other agencies.”

– Kyle



“Agility at Red Branch Media means moving with efficiency to reach goals for our clients in a timely manner all while adjusting to changes in the landscape on a regular basis.”

– Shalaina



“I may not be able to touch my toes or walk 5 minutes without tripping, but when it comes to work agility, I am a trailblazer. Being agile at Red Branch Media means you easily can focus on one task and, if needed, switch to another. When we switch between tasks, it doesn’t affect the quality.”

– Kristine



“Agility is it the combination of speed and adaptability. We’re always learning, adjusting, and finishing our work as quickly and dynamically as possible. This means that you can count on us to provide high-quality work as fast as can be.“

– Bach



“Being agile means having the capacity to respond to change quickly and efficiently.”

– Kaleb



“For me, it means our team has the capacity and ability to keep up with new trends and push new ideas out while also still creating quality work…FAST.”




“Agility is knowing your client, anticipating their needs, and meeting their various projects in a way that emphasizes the increased growth they’re looking for.”

– Jimmy



“To me, agility means our ability to switch from one task to another while managing the hierarchy of deliverables we receive every day. We knock out quality work FAST. You would have no idea our staff is so small!”

– Alison



“Agility is the ability to roll with the punches. We all have plans for what we need to tackle each day, but new needs often arise. It’s important to be able to reevaluate and reprioritize what is on your plate to make the most out of your time and deliver high-value products to your clients.”

– Maggie



“In any business, it is important to be agile. When an unexpected task comes up, you shift gears to tackle it (plus the other 6 tasks you really need to accomplish).”

– Anna



“On top of producing quality work, we do it quickly. Our efficiency is through the roof. We bust our tails to provide our clients with great results in a timely manner.”

– Nick



“Not to toot our own horn… But we have a lot of clients. We also have a fairly small staff. This means that we have to be efficient in the work we do to make it all fit into a 40 hour work week. That’s not easy! But it’s something we’ve learned to be great at in order to keep our client’s loving us.”

– Cassie



“As a project manager, agile takes on a whole new meaning, but that’s okay because at RBM we rock at it! Instead of waiting for an entire project to be complete, we send clients updates as stages get done. This way we can keep work flowing and get client input every step of the way.”

– Madison



“Everything we do at RBM is with agility in mind. New client? That first week we make it our mission to design a brand book, develop client voice, and create shortcuts so the work we do in the future can be efficient. Work smarter, not harder.”

– Mackenzie



“Moving with agility isn’t the difficult part. Doing so with precision and accuracy is. This means it isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. We have a lot of work and clients have a lot of needs. It’s essential that we meet these quickly. Otherwise, we lose our chance to prove ourselves and to get our victory.”

– Mitchell



“Things move quickly here, having the agility to efficiently roll with each new obstacle with effectiveness is one of the things that makes Red Branch so successful.”

– Andrea



“Efficiency is taking the time needed to accomplish a task, but agility is the drive to move through it quickly and simply. At Red Branch, we work hard to accomplish everything we need to each week. Being agile and efficient helps us do this!”

– Hannah



“At RBM, we aren’t afraid to change course. If we aren’t seeing the results we want, we make a change. Every Brancher has the ability to change and adapt, based on what is needed for our clients or what’s happening in the industry. We think quickly, present new ideas and solve the problem.”

– Jessica



“With the number of clients we have, there’s always constant changes that need to be implemented throughout the day. At RBM, being efficient and agile is the key to ensuring that we are executing the best outcomes and ideas to perform better work for clients and to deliver the best results for them.”

– Tridia



“At Red Branch agility means juggling several tasks and responsibilities with confidence. It also means adapting to changes quickly and being responsive to each other and our clients.”

– Jenny



Agility is just one of Red Branch’s core values. Interested in seeing the other core values? Check them out here and, if you’re curious enough, look at our job openings to be a Brancher!