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#WerkBranch is a Way of Life: Health and Wellness in the Workplace

1. Life in Moderation

Here at Red Branch media, we believe in being healthy and enjoying life. How do we accomplish this seemingly impossible task? We eat good food, drink good wine, and share good company. As the old adage goes, “everything in moderation,” and we take that to heart. One of our favorite places to indulge at in Omaha is Pitch; Their veggie-laden pizzas and local wines keep us satisfied for hours. Think about how healthy a pizza really is (if you only eat a slice or two): Cheese is among the richest dietary sources of calcium, which plays an essential role in bone health, and tomatoes have an impressive amount of vitamins A, C, and K. The great taste is just a bonus- it’s win-win!



2. All About that Fruit

Eating healthy doesn’t suck. Honestly, we love it. Go ahead and take a bite of a perfectly ripe, cold watermelon on a hot summer day and then try to disagree. The rest of the country is hopping on board the fruit train as well: fresh fruit purchases in the U.S. have gone up 4% in the last five years. Food and snacks are one of the cornerstones of Red Branch for a couple of reasons: eating together promotes camaraderie and bonding, increases productivity, and leads to less sick days off due to illness. We like to hold “Eatin’ Meetins” every Friday to reap those sweet benefits (although sometimes there’s a little less fruit and a little more sweets).

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3. We Always Have More to Learn

We believe that learning should never stop, even if you’re out of school. That’s why we invited Dr. Benjamin Tapper from The Wellness Pointe to come chat with us. In addition to providing us with a healthy lunch (which we loved, because we love food in general), they also gave us some great tips on how to eat healthier on our own. Healthier diets could save the United States $87 billion per year, and we hope by learning from Dr. Tapper, we could save a few bucks off the Red Branch Media budget. Want to save with us? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Eat a variety of foods.
  • Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat moderate portions – reduce, don’t eliminate foods.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.


4. Get up Offa That Thing and do Stand-Ups til You Feel Better

Did you know if you add up average commuting time, working time, and relaxing time at home, the average person sits for 7.7 hours a day? We get tired of sitting on our butts, so we try and do everything we can to fix it! Every morning (mostly) at 9:15 (ish) we all get out of our chairs and do stand-ups! This magical part of the day is when we go around and say what we plan to accomplish, and it takes roughly 15-30 minutes. It’s as much standing as we’d like for the day, so several of our employees have also gotten stand-up desks! That’s how we stay so fit and healthy; standers burn, on average, 50 more calories per hour.



5. Work Stops for No Man

Sometimes just standing for a while isn’t enough to get your blood and creative juices flowing- but you still have to get your stuff done. In addition to offering one on-the-clock 25-minute walk per day to our employees, we also have this great pedal desk! Depending on how hard you push, working at the bike-desk combo could burn 300 calories in one sitting. The pedal desk isn’t as popular as it probably should be, considering that an active lifestyle helps control weight, reduces the risk of some cancers, and improves your mental health. Maybe we’ll make a once-a-week 30-minute ride on the bike-desk mandatory…



We may not always succeed completely, but we’re always making an effort to be our healthiest selves. Red Branch Media focuses on having a healthy, modern company culture. Want to keep up with our day-to-day? Sign up for our newsletter!