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#WerkBranch: Meet the New Branchers

By Kerry Pivovar:

Yep, you read that right. We’re back with ANOTHER round of new Branchers! Can you believe it? We’re continuing to expand the Red Branch family while also implementing new tactics to take our marketing agency to the next level. Curious to see what these newcomers have to offer? Take a look below:

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JimmyJimmy Schleisman

Jr. Project Manager (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Jimmy joins the team as a Junior Project Manager. He has a background in copywriting and project management, as well as a Business Degree from UNL. Jimmy loves to write, draw and graphic design, and even has had a few poems published. We’re excited to have his skills at Red Branch Media.

  • I have a Husky named Diesel
  • I graduated from UNL with a marketing degree in 2016
  • I have a passion for writing and graphic design
  • I’m an aspiring Author
  • I’m a pizza junkie

AlisonAlison Wurth

Social Media Marketing Associate (Twitter, LinkedIn)

The Social Media team welcomes Associate Alison! A former ‘newsie’ turned marketer, Alison has a background in Broadcast Journalism and TV Production. She loves anything outdoors such as hiking, camping or running, and has a thing for Folk music. She has a husband and two dogs.

  • Former ‘newsie’ turned social media marketer (my degree is in Broadcast Journalism and my previous position was Producer at a TV station)
  • I went to School at UNL
  • I’m from Omaha
  • Hobbies include hiking, camping, and running…anything outdoors and alongside my husband and two dogs
  • I also love folk music

MaggieMaggie Winkelmann

Jr. Project Manager (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Maggie joins the Red Branch Media team as a Junior Project Manager. She was a high school science teacher in a former life and is our resident biology and health expert. She likes to bake, play sports and spend time with her husband and furbaby, JoJo. Her secret talent? Sudoku!

  • Former high school science teacher turned PM
  • Degree in Secondary Education (Biology and Health) from UNO
  • Omaha is my Homaha
  • Hobbies include baking, playing soccer and basketball, sudoku, and spending time with my husband and furbaby, JoJo

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