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#RBMValues: Music for Perfectly Working in Harmony With Coworkers & Clients

By Kyle Christensen:

We’re back with another RBM value! This month you’ll learn how we achieve perfect harmony with our clients and coworkers. All it takes is dedication and trust. Read about our seventh value below and get your free playlist here! Don’t have Spotify? Listen to the playlist at the end of this article!

Whether you’re a client or a brancher @RedBranch, you’re family. Read all about how RBM achieves perfect #harmony with their clients and coworkers in this article, and you’ll get a #free #playlist! Click To Tweet

What is Harmony?

Red Branch Media defines Harmony as, “There’s no need to have discord when you can work together with your clients and coworkers.”

One thing you can be certain of at Red Branch Media is our dedication to our clients and coworkers. When you’re with us, you’re family. And as a result, we strive to keep and grow that bond, which creates a line of dedication and trust. Therefore, we’re able to have clear communication and the ability to deliver campaigns and projects that exceed expectations.

How We Apply Harmony

For me, having Harmony comes down to an absolute dedication of making clients and coworkers feel welcomed, important, valued, and open to collaboration. These simple ingredients make for a perfectly synchronized ecosystem for the entire team (coworkers and clients) to work in tandem to produce the best work imaginable. Once you’re able to have that dedication to creating great work, a strong trust develops. Both the client and coworkers can keep the ball rolling on campaigns without hitting roadblocks. It’s as simple as that.

“Having a harmonious relationship with both coworkers and clients is the bread and butter of #AgencyLife. Day in and day out, The Branchers find new ways to collaborate with each other and our clients’ internal marketing teams to seamlessly execute campaigns and impress with our daily, weekly, and monthly deliverables. ”

– Alison Wurth, Content Strategist at Red Branch Media (@Alison_RBM)

Work in Harmony, Like Us

Harmony is something that’s adjusted and improved upon every day.

Here are three things we do at Red Branch Media to achieve harmony:

  • Communication: Have an open line, and always be proactive rather than reactive. The client knows more about their product and has specific needs that might be difficult to communicate. Take the time to listen and respond proactively. This creates respect between all parties involved.
  • Sticking to the Plan: Make sure you provide what you promised for your client, such as:
    • Proposal outlines
    • Tier guidelines
    •  Contract obligations, etc.

Align each initiative with approved campaigns to ensure there is no miscommunication. This will also help with making sure no project falls through the cracks. Does the client want additional projects? Be clear when they can be worked into the schedule. Also, if it’s high-priority, work together to find out which projects can be shuffled and get reworked deadlines.

  • Following Up: Your client is busy with their day-to-day projects too. After you send a project, it shouldn’t be 100% on them to respond to you. They might have an incredibly busy day filled with pressing things or could even be at a conference or meeting. Make sure to follow-up with your client on any matters needing attention within 24-48 hours. This will allow you to keep up, so projects don’t get compromised, and your client doesn’t get frustrated.

In conclusion, harmony is a must for you, your coworkers, and clients. Creating a balanced atmosphere between everyone will build positivity, respect, and trust. If you’re not sure where to start, try our three tips above. Don’t stop there! Make sure to check our blog next month for another value you can learn about and use.

In the meantime, bookmark this article and listen to the Harmony playlist on Spotify that’s 100% brancher-made by the entire team at Red Branch Media!

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