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Red Branch Life Hacks: Work Hard, Play Hard

By Hannah Wilson:

As you walk into an all-white room with desks lined up and those extremely bright fluorescent lights, you probably think to yourself, “Can’t wait until the work day is over.” Sitting in a cubicle all day long with minimal human interaction is not an ideal work environment. Enter: Red Branch Media.

You should work somewhere that, as you walk to your desk (which isn’t set up in the typical, boring line up), you also walk past a pool table, a ping pong table, a wall of headphones, a giant chalkboard, couches and last but not least, a cardboard cutout of your boss, so that when she’s gone on a business trip, she can technically still be there. When you walk into your job at Red Branch Media, you’ve got all that and more.

Increased productivity and employee engagement

A goal every company has is to hire employees who get along with each other. This goes hand in hand with productivity. For example, if one employee needs help with something, they should feel as if they can ask their coworkers. Even if you know every detail your job entails, you will have questions. If you don’t really know anyone you work with, you’re going to stress when you don’t know who to ask.

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It is important to have motivated employees who accomplish their tasks on time and to have them done well. Motivation in the workplace is key to productivity. One way to keep each other accountable is by having open seating. When all of your coworkers not only get along but also can interact with each other all day, it’s possible to be more productive and more engaged in your job.

Happy employees ensure company success

Negativity in the workplace only slows everything down. Red Branch Media focuses on the work hard, play hard mentality so much because it’s literally the best way to work. How can you be unhappy when you get to take a 20-minute break to shoot pool with a friend or go on a group walk when the weather permits? Sometimes you have to step away from your desk and computer for a minute and simply take a break to regain your focus.

Working hard isn’t always the way things should be. There, I said it. Sometimes it’s not about how hard you work, but how smart you work. Working smart includes taking breaks when needed and refocusing. The work hard, play hard mindset allows your employees to give their best effort while at work, remain concentrated on what matters most and to be successful and better the company.

How to incorporate fun into your workplace

I know you’re itching to work at Red Branch now that you’ve heard how awesome it is, but you can’t just quit your current job and come work for us (or could you?). However, we can give your company some tips on how to make your workplace just as enjoyable.

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One of the best things we do at the end of each week is the Eatin’ Meetin’ where you get to take in all the hard work you put into the week and chill with your coworkers. We spend time telling each other what accomplishments we’re proud of while eating some snacks and drinking a glass of wine or having a beer. This is where the play hard aspect comes in. At the end of the week, most employees pack up and go home. Red Branch found it works better to enjoy each other’s company for a bit and reflect on the week’s work first.

Red Branch is all about working hard during the week and coming back after a fun weekend to do it all over again. We don’t believe in working hard all week and waiting for it to end, because there is so much more to life than to have a mindset of just getting through the week and only having fun on the weekends. You should be working hard all week and taking time to play each day — that way you’re ready to enjoy the weekend, but are excited to get back to work the next week.

When your work environment is filled with people you know and have friendships with, it’s not hard to be productive and happy. Work somewhere that feels homey. Work at a place you are always looking forward to going to will help you get the most out of each day. Red Branch really encompasses the idea of working someplace you love, so you’ll never have to work a day again. Implement the work hard, play hard concept into your workplace!